Morta Sortas

ROGER BISBY: Today I want to talk to you about a better way of chasing out mortar with the Easy Raker from Morta Sortas. Now we all know the alternative which is to get a little angle grinder and a diamond blade and just spin the mortar out. Now that creates a lot of dust and these days that’s unacceptable, and it can get your site closed down, but it also is inaccurate. You risk cutting into the brickwork. You can’t control the depth, and if you try to do the perps with a blade, it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to get overcut. So let’s have a look at a better way of doing it.

It only takes a couple of minutes to attach the Easy Guide and the Easy Raker to your angle grinder. The first thing is to put the Easy Raker onto the spindle and tighten it on with a spanner. If you’ve got the original guide, you’ll notice there have been a few improvements in this one. They’ve improved the channel for faster clearance of the debris, and they’ve also put a flexible hose on, and that just makes it easier to handle it on a dust extractor and of course dust extraction is what this is all about. With the Easy Guide you get three adaptor rings to suit the collar of your angle grinder. They are all very slightly different, so you just put the ring on that suits the diameter, and then if you just make sure that you’ve got a nice, snug fit on there, and you can tighten it up with an Allan key.

The good thing about using the Easy Raker is that when you’re chasing out for repointing, for example, for putting in flashing, it gives you a set depth of 25 millimeters which is just about ideal for repointing. The trick to getting good results with the Easy Raker is to let the tool do the work. Don’t force it or let it overheat. In sand and lime mortar the diamond bit takes the line of least resistance, so you can run through the mortar courses almost on feel alone. The tool is so versatile that you can work on all types of brick bond patterns and even stonework and paving joints. If the mortar is hard as sand and cement, then you need to follow the mortar courses with a bit more accuracy by lining up the guide marks on the Easy Guide Plus.

The Easy Guide or the Easy Guide Plus allows you to achieve greater accuracy and dust extraction. You can connect up to any industrial dust extractor, but I’ve even used it with a Henry. Using the Easy Guide dust extractor also has another important benefit. It makes the diamond tools last longer because it removes the debris immediately, the cutter doesn't have to pass through it for a second time. The Easy Raker is not suitable for use on concrete or very hard mortar, but then you have to ask why you’d be removing that in the first place.

When it comes to chasing out for flashings, the Easy Leadworker is the ideal tool because you can run up and along the brickwork at will, and also, the Easy Guide is adjustable for a reduced depth if required. By setting it to 50 millimeters depth, this complies with the British Standard Guide for installed leadwork. The Easy Brickworker can be used with or without dust extraction. It’s made for getting in behind sole stacks and for removing individual bricks. You can tool out brickwork, retrofit cavity trays and install entrance in existing brickwork and fit air bricks or extractor vents.

Another very useful tool in the Morta Sortas armory is the Easy Chaser. Now this can be used for cutting out pipe and cable chasers in air creep blocks and other soft substrates. Here I am cutting out a chasing air creep blocks covered with sand and cement render. I always like to use a guide just to get a straight line. It gives you a much neater finish than trying to do it freehand. Now you notice in this case that I am doing it in a single pass, and it’s kicking up a fair amount of dust. That’s because it’s removing a lot of material. If you want to minimize the dust and give the machine a slightly easier task, especially in harder renders, then make two passes of the chase.

With these few attachments Morta Sortas, you can turn your little angle grinder into one of the most versatile power tools you could ever wish for.